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Symphony of Ruin releases this week, and yes, the actual date is still up in the air because of all those little things that need to fall into place in order for a book to happen, but rest assured, it will happen! There will be book! And I will certainly let you know when it happens.

That said, welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors. Click on the link to visit the list and pick and choose from a bunch of cool writers who are sharing snippets of their work today. To my fellow Warriors, I’ll apologize now if I don’t comment on your post. I’ve been having issues posting on some types of blogs, like blogspot.  I’ll try to get that worked out this week.

The snippet:  Last week we joined Remy and his friend Glyn as Remy undertook a raid on his masters liquor supply.

Remy grabbed at the row of shelves to steady himself as he climbed up. The collection of bottles and jars rattled alarmingly. He paused as they settled. Nothing fell except a tuft of what looked like dried moss.

When he’d first moved in, Remy would have needed to use a footstool to reach the tabletop and he’d have to stand on the rickety table to reach Marek’s stash of quality liquor. Now if he stretched full length, he could finger the row of colored glass bottles on the top shelf while still on his knees.

Some of the bottles were filled with dyed water. He knew this because he was the one who’d drained and refilled them.   His master never noticed because Marek rarely partook of the odd offerings of beet brandy, moss wine, crabapple cider and so on that his clients sometimes paid him with. No, Marek reserved his imbibing for the good stuff in the cut crystal decanter, an amber brandy he shared with Remy on Winter’s solstice, and then only by the wee thimble full.

Release date: July 2017

Death is stalking The City. From out of the catacombs, a deadly monster has arisen. Unfortunately for alchemist’s apprentice Remy the Rat Boy, his master is away and it’s up to Remy to discover the nature of the monster and put an end to its killing rampage. His search for answers takes him high into the elegant chambers of the city’s elite, and down into long forgotten ruins, into depths untraveled and unimagined for centuries. Lost in the ancient ruins with only ghosts and creatures of the darkness for companionship, Remy must use every ounce of wit and conjure every scrap of magic at his disposal in order to survive the labyrinth and save The City from its shadow self.

For more info on the Labyrinth of Souls Fiction Project visit ShadowSpinnerspress.com