Let me just say, Holy Guacamole.  You know that moment when you think, oh, it’s been a while since I posted on this blog hop, I think I’ll hop on over–and then you realize it’s been three flippin’ years?  In my meager defense, I’ll point out that I haven’t been inactive. I post all the time over on the ShadowSpinners blog, but I’ve neglected my personal blog for quite some time.  Being the shameless internet marketing slut that I am, I return to Weekend Writing Warriors just in time to share about my upcoming release, Symphony of Ruin, release date: end of July.

Symphony is high fantasy, and is part of a multi-author series inspired the game and the artwork of Dungeon Solitaire: Labyrinth of Souls by Matt Lowes.

So here’s the opening ten lines, followed by the blurb. Hope you enjoy the snippet, and continue the hop by visiting the other writers participating today. It’s fun! You’ll like it!

The Snippet

Death made its nightly rounds of the old quarter. Skeletal toes scraped the cobblestones and bones rattled in the keening wind blowing down from the steppes. The scythe of oblivion spared no one; man, woman or child might be snatched. This alone was reason enough to raid Master Marek’s pantry and Remy could think of several others as he cleared a space on the long table against the wall. He placed one knee on the well-worn surface and tested its strength. The table wobbled only slightly on uneven legs.

“Are you sure this is a good idea?” his friend Glyn asked from behind him.

“Not only is it good, it is excellent. Top notch. One of the best I’ve ever had.”

Artwork by Joseph Vandel, Cover design by Matt Lowes

Symphony of Ruin – A Labyrinth of Souls Novel  July 2017

Death is stalking The City. From out of the catacombs, a deadly monster has arisen. Unfortunately for alchemist’s apprentice Remy the Rat Boy, his master is away and it’s up to Remy to discover the nature of the monster and put an end to its killing rampage. His search for answers takes him high into the elegant chambers of the city’s elite, and down into long forgotten ruins, into depths untraveled and unimagined for centuries. Lost in the ancient ruins with only ghosts and creatures of the darkness for companionship, Remy must use every ounce of wit and conjure every scrap of magic at his disposal in order to survive the deadly challenges of the labyrinth and save The City from its shadow self.