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Hello!  Today is my first outing on Science Fiction and Fantasy Saturday. I’ve been wishing for an outlet to share my sf&f fiction projects and thinking about starting a hop myself, so I was very happy to see someone else already did all the hard work. Thanks for letting me play!

Today I’m sharing the opening from my one published novel, a contemporary fantasy called Death is a Star.  Hope you enjoy, and don’t forget to visit the other participants at SciFiFanSat.blogspot.com etc.


Death had rendered him flawless. Stretched out on the picnic table where he’d met his final reward, Hugo’s hunch dissolved, his legs straightened, and his fierce scowl relaxed into an expression of bliss. All signs of his deformity vanished along with his soul. Theda swept wisps of fine blond hair from his forehead and curled them behind his ear. He was beautiful now. It pissed her off.
Hugo had been stuck between worlds. Nothing about his twisted body proved glamorous enough to enter him into the ranks of full-fledged freaks, and yet he was too ugly and
misshapen for a normal life. He worked for the circus, toting heavy things and carting away animal debris. Longing at one moment for webbed fingers or the ability to swallow fire, and the next, for a smooth spine and strong jaw. He’d achieved none of those things while alive.
Theda hoped the gods were happy. She hoped Hugo was happy, and that he’d taken his newfound perfection with him into the nether world. The blood seeping through his white dress shirt marred the effect. She took a deep breath and raised her eyes to her sister.


Available where all fine eBooks are sold!

Available where all fine eBooks are sold!

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A contemporary fantasy featuring time travelling Assyrian sisters, a circus in hiding, a body-snatching Demon seeking self-actualization, and heroic elephants.

Theda wants only to get home to Nineveh, but her sister Irene believes controlling the demon and exploiting his unlimited power is the way to go. Theda must come to grips with her own role in this black magic mix-up and risk her bond with home, family, her beloved elephants and life itself in order to stop an ancient evil from being unleashed upon an unsuspecting modern world.